The Role of Gratitude In Witchcraft

[Visual Description: A folded brown paper bag tied with a red bow and a red heart with the words ‘Thank You!’ inside of it.]
Lots of witches fail to realize that gratitude plays a pivotal role in witchcraft, especially for those of us that work with deity or magickal beings on a regular basis. We often commune with forces and beings that are bigger than us, their power very much coming into play as a tool to create the reality that brings our intent to fruition. Having reverence for these beings is a must, and you mustn’t regard this exchange as a demand—but as a request.

Many never realize they may very well be familiar with gratitude without having realized it. You have probably closed a ritual space by thanking the elements you invoked during ceremony (and if not, now is a great time to start) or by inviting magickal denizens into your sacred space, but this isn’t exactly what I mean.

Have you ever invoked ancestors during ritual? How about your guardian angels or spirits for protection? Though it may not be obvious, this is a way gratitude is subtly ingrained into our daily practice.

By calling on powers or seeking wisdom from those greater than ourselves, we are paying our respect to the catalysts of such power. It is a way we pay reverence to the beings we work in collaboration with.

For me, magick has always been a collaborative effort. Solitary or not, something I learned early on was that I am never alone during a casting. Whether I invoke the elements while calling the Quarters, or ask for the guidance of Ascended Masters, I am always communing with a power that has been on this Earth longer than I.

This power goes beyond my time and I am always working to pay respect to it and honor its assistance.

The Benefits of Gratitude

Now, while the first thing you think when considering incorporating gratitude into your witchcraft probably shouldn’t be, “What can I get out of this?”—it doesn’t hurt to wonder how this could benefit your magick.

The first thing we learn is that everything around us responds to our energy. When our energy is focused on paying love and respect to others, beautiful things tend to happen. Magickal denizens can be ego beings just like us, so make your magick a partnership with them and they are sure to be receptive just as any human would.

Gratitude Journal Prompts

If it is hard to imagine what I mean, jot a few of these prompts into your Grimoire:

  1. Write a ‘Thank You’ Letter to an Elemental.
  2. Choose 3 people—fictional or real—that you would choose to be in a coven with you. Assign them roles based on their best character traits and explain why you made those assignments.
  3. Prepare 3 offerings to a magickal denizen—one edible offering, one service-based offering, and one creative offering. Note the reception of each offering.
  4.  Create a ‘Gratitude Tarot Spread’.
  5. Devote a magickal journal entry to a spiritual ancestor (a chosen ancestor or role model—not related to you by blood).
  6. Create a devotional ritual for a particular spirit, deity, or denizen.
  7. Write a blessing for an important person in your life. Cast it and note the effects.
  8. Recall a spell that wasn’t successful; write 5 lessons you learned from it.
  9. Research Ancestral Magick as it pertains to your culture(s) and incorporate your findings into your ritual workings.
  10. Describe 3 ways you can show gratitude while closing a ritual.

Gratitude doesn’t just have to be a part of our mundane lives, it can enhance our minds, bodies, and spirits. Spread the gratitude.






Ten Witchy Stocking Stuffers For $10 Or Less!

[Visual Description: An open book faced up with a red and beige piece of striped twine on top of it bent into the shape of a heart.]

Whether you’re a firm adherent of Yule, were never able to shake the Christmas bug from your childhood, or aren’t rolling in cash like the authors of gift guides with ‘inexpensive’ in the title even though they have products starting at 30 bucks (s’not like I’m salty or anything)  and are in need of more affordable options, I’ve assembled a small list of stocking stuffers $10 or less for the witch in your life.

Handrolled Beeswax Candles ($2) / Etsy
[Visual Description: Pairs of beeswax candles in various colors labeled ‘Handrolled Beeswax Candles’ with their colors beneath it.]

If you ask me, candles are the most important item on this list as they are both compact and practical. You could head down to the Dollar Tree and pick up some candles, but these sets of 2″ hand-rolled beeswax candles from New Moon Enterprise are simply adorable and a must have for any stocking (or other pieces of clothing on your mantle).

Selenite Worry Stone ($6) / Etsy
[Visual Description: Three selenite worry stones vertically laid out on an open palm.]

Selenite is a very warm and soft stone known for its uses in grounding and providing clarity through its vibrations. It is quite the thoughtful gift if you’re friend is known to stim with tumbled crystals. Consider writing a little note with the name and properties of the stone so the recipient knows the intent behind it.

Llewellyn’s 2017 Magical Almanac ($9) / Amazon
[Visual Description: The cover of Llewellyn’s 2017 Magical Almanac.]

Funny enough, I actually bought this book by accident. I had mistaken it for the 2016 Almanac at B&N a while ago, but it may have been the best mistake I ever made. This being the first Almanac of Llewellyn’s that I have ever purchased, it definitely sold me to the collection. It includes essays on the history of poppets, astrology and its impact on tarot readings, and social media magick. I definitely recommend this for any witchy bookworm or knowledge sponge, such as we are.

Sacred Herbs from Freya’s Garden ($4-$6) / Storenvy
[Visual Description: Six glass corked bottles filled with various herbs. / Photo by: Freya’s Garden of Earthly Delight]

These adorable little vials of herbs would easily fit into any stocking or gift bag! Freya’s Garden stocks a variety of herbs including Lavender, Mugwort, and Nettle! The complete list can be found on the Freya’s Garden of Earthly Delight Storenvy page.

Firme Arte – Bruj@ Bath Brews ($8) / Firme Arte
[Visual Description: A green cauldron-shaped bath bombs surrounded by precious stones. / Photo by:]

From the website: “We represent strong empowered witchy human beings dedicated to the pursuit of truth, self growth, and a devine human connection to the universe. We offer an array of creative mano made products that mesh together a deep love for music, magick & cultura.”

Firme Arte Online offers such an adorable collection of bath brews and other magickal curio for bruj@s and other magickally inclined folx. While you’re checking out the site, I definitely recommend taking a gander at their beautiful incense burners and totes as well!

The Romance Angels Oracle Cards ($9) / Amazon
[Visual Description: The cover of The Romance Angels oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. A couple is seen holding each other with two winged cherubs on either side of them.]

 Send a little love someone’s way and gift them The Romance Angels oracle deck by Doreen Virtue. Virtue, also known as “The Angel Lady” has written tons of books centering around one central theme: Angels. I personally have her book Archangels and Ascended Masters in my collection, which I cannot recommend her material enough.

Professor Pam’s Semi-Famous Hex Breaker ($5) / Etsy
[Visual Description: Broken clay tablets sit on a table next to an open accordion pamphlet and a small package. / Photo by: Pam Wishbow]

Whether your friend uses their witchy mojo into this hex breaker or displays it as a novelty item in their room, they’ll probably appreciate these gorgeously stamped clay tablets by artist, Pam Wishbow.

Silver Spiral Pendulum ($10) / Amazon
[Visual Description: A silver spiral pendulum with a ball on the end.]

This pendulum is beautiful in both its design and ease of use. A must have for any diviner’s stocking.

Phoenix Fire – Color Changing Fire Powder ($8) / Sabbat Box
[Visual Description: A pile of logs aflamed with rainbow fire. / Photo by: Sabbat Box]

Now this is a must-have (as opposed to all the other must-haves on this list, apparently) because it literally turns your fire into a beautiful rainbow-y magickal…thing! Available as a single pack or in sets for the fire witch in your life.

Pentagram Branches Pewter Amulet ($10) / Grove And Grotto
[Visual Description: A pewter amulet shaped like branches arranged into a pentagram. / Photo by: Grove and Grotto]

This amulet stays simple without being basic. The vibe reminds me of the imagery on the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck (also a good gift, albeit an expensive one).

What was the best gift you’ve ever received?

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