Full Moon Jitters + Spoonie Problems

[Visual Description: A full moon against a backdrop of red and orange hues and the silhouettes of trees.]
December 13, 2016

Tonight the Full Moon sits in Gemini—a sign that signifies open and honest communications and meaningful dialogue.

I usually prepare something big for the Full Moon like an extravagant ritual or a creating a new chant, so I thought it would be a great time to try and commune with my matron Goddess for the first time. I believe that this would have had a very significant impact as I usually struggle with meditations and contacting other realms and planes of existence, so what better time than a Full Moon in Gemini to attempt this.

However, things did not go quite as planned.

As I write this, I am very low on physical activity spoons. So I am lying in bed right now, without the energy to even turn over to lie on my side like I want to, let alone try to begin a ritual or cast anything. When I realized this, I began to feel a huge wave of anxiety as it washed over me. It wasn’t until I compromised with myself on my plans that I understood where this anxiety came from. It was because of my Full Moon Jitters.

See, we witches have been told for ages that the night of a Full Moon is a time of great power and magick. It is the night our own magick is at is strongest and the spells we cast now are going to be especially potent. Having been told that for so long, it is no wonder why many of us feel pressured to be super active in our craft during this time. I felt as if I was just wasting this opportunity to cast under a Full Moon. “Productivity” has been ingrained in us to the point where we feel anxious if we have a moment where we aren’t completely focused on our witchcraft.

The reality is, we aren’t always going to be nose-deep in a spellbook or casting every second of our lives, and we shouldn’t have to! Doing so does not make us less of a witch than those who do. Unfortunately, this much is not enough to cure Full Moon Jitters and our inherent need to be proactive witches. So, here are just a few things you can do when you aren’t at the capacity to perform a full-blown ritual:

Make Moon Water

I make a bottle of Moon Water absolutely every full moon! I like to use it as an offering to the Goddess Abundia (also known as Abundantia) in my prosperity workings and she has been very receptive to it thus far, so I like to leave her a glass on my altar whenever I can. That being said, my supply gets regular use. I don’t like to make more than one bottle per moon as I like it to stay fresh for offering, so making a bottle every full moon has been perfect for me. Plus, it only requires that you put water in a bottle or cup and sit it in direct moonlight for charging making it a simple Full Moon task.

Charge Your Sh*t

Your tarot decks, your (naturally dyed) crystals, your jewelry, and even the images you use for vision boards (yes, you can most definitely charge pictures)! Use this time to fill your possessions with the strong energies of the Full Moon.


What you may not realize is that self-care is not only radical, it’s magickal!

Any energy you put into caring for yourself is a direct investment into your craft; who else is going to do all the wicked spells you plan when you can? Take the time to worship yourself! Take a relaxing bath, have several naps in a row, paint your toes—do whatever it is that nurtures your spirit.

What are some things you like to do during a Full Moon?
Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, lovelies!

Peace, Love, and Spoons

☽ ♡ ☾


Emoji Spells For Anxious Spoonies!

How To Cast:

Copy and paste any of the above spells into your Facebook status, an email, Tweet, Tumblr post, or even the comments section of the post and click ‘Send’! Alternatively, you can copy and paste them into a word processor and print them out and burn them as you would a sigil.

How To Charge:

You can charge the spell either with Likes and Shares, or by re-casting it.

Emoji Spells:

🗣 🚫👂🌅👂🚫 🗣 = To Stop Overthinking

🏺🕯⚱ 👼 ⚱🕯🏺= To Be Protected by Ancestors, Guardian Angels, or Guides

🕯🔮🌤🔮🕯= For Clarity of the Mind, Heart, and Spirit

✈️⛓🌬🐬🌬⛓✈️= To Break Free of Worries or Escape Bad Memories

🔥⛽🌋 ⛽🔥= To Promote Energy / Exuberance 

🍯🌻🍑 ☀️🍑🌻🍯 = To Call On Happy Memories

Why Some Symbols Are Repeated:

I use symmetry via repeated imagery to represent casting a circle in emoji spells. The emojis I put at the center of the spells represent 1 of two things: the caster (i.e. me or whoever casts the spell) or the main purpose of the spell.

Obligatory Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, therapist, counselor, or any other kind of health care professional. If you are experiencing severe symptoms please talk to one about it so you can get the care you deserve ❤

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