The Beginning

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Hey, everyone!

I’m Noah and I am a 19 year-old eclectic witchling from Southern California who is involved in racial + gender justice activism. I go by He/Him pronouns and I am nonbinary AF with an extreme love of toaster waffles and platonic cuddles for days.

Witch-On-A-Budget is a passion project of mine that I have been working on for the past few months and created with the intent to show poor and low-income witches that you don’t need tools to be a “real witch,” but you aren’t a terrible person if you want or need them to aid your craft and spiritual development. There is most definitely steps you can take and resources you can utilize to help you be a witch in the way that you want to be. It is my goal to help connect folx with these resources to save y’all money, time, and the emotional labor that comes with trying to balance your financial situation with your craft.

This blog will also serve as a platform for me and witchy collaborators to discuss what witchcraft looks like for us and how our respective experiences inform our craft differently. My personal craft is currently highly reflective of my politics in that I believe in responsible individualism, fluidity, and flexibility. I feel that a witch should honor that there are closed religions and spiritualities that we are not a part of and have no claims to. As a person of color, cultural appropriation is very much a reality I have to face almost daily. If a religion or spiritual practice, just like other culturally relevant traditions, is closed to people outside of the culture it stemmed from, then to attempt to practice it if you are not from that culture is disrespectful and fucked up.

I want to be intentional in fostering a space that reflects my values and experiences as a person and activist—not just as a witch. Much of that includes addressing the oppressive systems in place within the various communities of which I am a part—such as the racism, elitism, classism, cissexism, transphobia, heteronormativity, and ableism that plague even Pagan, Wiccan, and many other spiritualities.

A lot has kept me from starting this blog in the past, most of which was my depressive disorder which sapped most of my energy and left me very little to keep up a consistent output. I also had very few coping tools to use for myself which meant my mental health was up in the air for who knows how long? In recent months though, I’ve started being more open about my experiences as someone with Recurrent Major Depressive Disorder (among other things) and deconstructing a lot of the shame I felt because of it.

Thanks to a few great friends of mine (shoutout to Foster if you’re reading this), and Youtubers like Annie Elainey, it has been increasingly easier for me to start a dialogue with others about why I can’t always make consistent posts and why I have to take a step back from even my own personal social media for months at a time.

“Peace, love, and spoons” is a reminder that our health is important, and that those living with chronic illnesses should not have to compromise themselves for productivity’s sake. I wish for all of my siblings to feel loved and supported in their lives and for y’all to know that you are more than your output. You are so much more and you are loved and cared for.

For a full explanation of ‘Spoon Theory’ by originator Christine Miserandino, you can visit:

I have also included a Hotlines and Helpful Links page on the Need Help? section of the blog which gives you a list of resources to use if you are dealing with a number of different concerns, including (but not limited) to S*icide Hotlines, support groups, and pictures of cute disgruntled animals.

This will be the first time I am attempting a project on this scale, and as such, I will probably fumble or make mistakes along the way. So I hope you will decide to stay with me throughout this journey.

Peace, love, and spoons


☽ ♡ ☾

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