Grimoire Submissions

Fill out the form for a chance to see your spells and rituals in the Community Grimoire!

(An example form is filled at the bottom of the page.)


[Visual Description: Name: Jinx Doe / Email: / Submission Title: ‘Wing of the Muse’ – Inspiration Spell /  Your Submission: 1 tablespoon Vervain, 1 pinch Lavender, 1 pinch Coltsfoot, 1 teaspoon Thyme, A sigil for inspiration (made during a New Moon) / Place herbs into a small bag with the sigil you created. Close the bag and put it under your pillow before you sleep. / Would you like to have your name credited or would you prefer to remain anonymous?: Credited]

You may also send an image file or PDF or scan of your own Grimoire/B.O.S to with the subject line as “Community Grimoire Submission” since I have not yet found out if the above entry form allows pictures 😛