Grimoire – Page 6

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“This grimoire entry is taken out of my personal working grimoire and was one of the first herbal entries I ever did. Thyme was the only herb I had at the time so I put some in a little baggie and taped it to my journal and did some research.” – Noah

[Visual Description: Thyme: Prominently used for healing spells and rituals. Do NOT take essential oil internally!!! Can be used for purification of an altar/space. When used in combination with marjoram = cleansing bath/cleansing vibration to remove sorrow or negative feelings. Associated with Healing, Psychic Power, Love, Courage, Health. Can be placed under pillow for restful sleep (combine w/amethyst?) Can be captured (odd choice of words) for wearing in jewelry for attracting good health. Sleep. Love. Natural antiseptic qualities. Known for healing respiratory ailments. Good for tonics, balms & baths to treat colds, flu, allergies, and asthma. Mucus clearing: aids w/chronic congestion and inflammation. Soothes painful joints.]

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