Stay in Your Lane: Not Everything is for Everybody

READ THIS. And most importantly, UNDERSTAND it.

Big Liz's Conjure Corner

When I first started practicing Rootwork and Vodou, I was very “we are the world.” I’d never been one to make sweeping generalizations about race. (One example is, Don’t Believe the Hoodoo Hype written back in December 2014)

Time and experience have changed my mindset in many ways. Where I once believed that there was hope in changing the minds of hearts of ignorant people, I now see that the vast majority of ignorance cannot be changed.

Often, I see it in whites who try to join African practices/traditions/religions, and often I see it in Black folks who have been brainwashed by the extreme religious right or Black militant thought processes that are damaging to the very people they are trying to help (especially damaging to Black women). Most of these people, Black and white, cannot change, nor do they want to.

What I find to be incredulous, however, is…

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Author: NoahMilan

Noah is a jack of art trades based in Gardena, California. He is an illustrator, a storyteller, an intersectional feminist, and one of the most queer people you will ever meet. He is also a creative writer with a passion for mental health advocacy and gender and racial justice.

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