Emergency Grounding Spots with Printable!

This week we are honored to have a very special guest writer (and co-conspirator of mine), Raven Cagedbird Martin, talk to us about emergency grounding spots for grounding on-the-go!

When it comes to life’s curveballs, most of us are no mere strangers. This means we often have to handle stress in ways that can be uncomfortable and overwhelming. This is where grounding comes into play.

Grounding is a method of gathering one’s energy (often by way of making a physical connection with nature, also called “earthing”) and bringing one’s self into a relaxed state of mind.

[Visual Description: An image of a park with a wooden bench near a river and a tree hanging down overhead.]
Last week, a close friend of mine who is also a healer in training, called me in a panic. She was walking around Chinatown in Manhattan trying to figure out how to get grounded and back to her mental safe place. She told me she was feeling anxious and energetically insecure.

We do energy work on each other often, so when she called me, I knew she needed space held for her to even her mood and her personal field. I told her to take several deep, diaphragmatic breaths so I could focus on grounding her until she could find a place that felt safe enough to hide out for a few minutes.

My skin was rippling.

“Is there a Temple nearby?”

“Huh,” She asked in an adrenaline drenched stupor.

Girl, pay attention to my voice. Find a Temple or a park.”

“I’m in Chinatown, there isn’t one nearby!”

“Okay, just… find a tree.”

“There isn’t one.”

I focused for a second, considering the places where she could go. She would need somewhere stable, preferably without a lot of people nearby.

Many places could fit the bill:

  • Religious temples
  • Plants or Flower Nurseries
  • Libraries
  • Parks
  • Hug a Tree
  • Forests
  • Lakes
  • By a body of water
  • Beaches
  • Gardens or Farms
  • Playgrounds
  • Cemeteries
  • Churches

I stopped and gently reminded her to make sure she was going somewhere where it felt good energetically at all times. If you don’t feel good walking in the door or walking up to whatever place you find, leave and find somewhere else…

>> Emergency Grounding Locations Printable <<

Love + Light,


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