Emoji Spells For Anxious Spoonies!

How To Cast:

Copy and paste any of the above spells into your Facebook status, an email, Tweet, Tumblr post, or even the comments section of the post and click ‘Send’! Alternatively, you can copy and paste them into a word processor and print them out and burn them as you would a sigil.

How To Charge:

You can charge the spell either with Likes and Shares, or by re-casting it.

Emoji Spells:

🗣 🚫👂🌅👂🚫 🗣 = To Stop Overthinking

🏺🕯⚱ 👼 ⚱🕯🏺= To Be Protected by Ancestors, Guardian Angels, or Guides

🕯🔮🌤🔮🕯= For Clarity of the Mind, Heart, and Spirit

✈️⛓🌬🐬🌬⛓✈️= To Break Free of Worries or Escape Bad Memories

🔥⛽🌋 ⛽🔥= To Promote Energy / Exuberance 

🍯🌻🍑 ☀️🍑🌻🍯 = To Call On Happy Memories

Why Some Symbols Are Repeated:

I use symmetry via repeated imagery to represent casting a circle in emoji spells. The emojis I put at the center of the spells represent 1 of two things: the caster (i.e. me or whoever casts the spell) or the main purpose of the spell.

Obligatory Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, therapist, counselor, or any other kind of health care professional. If you are experiencing severe symptoms please talk to one about it so you can get the care you deserve ❤

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Author: NoahMilan

Noah is a jack of art trades based in Gardena, California. He is an illustrator, a storyteller, an intersectional feminist, and one of the most queer people you will ever meet. He is also a creative writer with a passion for mental health advocacy and gender and racial justice.

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