[Visual Description: Various aged books leaning on one another on a wooden bookshelf.]
 Hello there, lovelies!

I assume you are here because you are ready to start living in a way that doesn’t place a bigger financial burden on your life than necessary and because you wish to find cheap and free witchy resources (or waste some time on the internet), either way it was a wise choice indeed! Before you do, I just want to provide a general disclaimer:

I’m obligated to tell you that “parental discretion is advised” and to please comply with the laws for your region and all that stuff.

Also, take all you read here with a grain of salt. The stuff on the blog is a matter of opinion and you should always do your own research before you choose whether or not to adhere to something. This is for your own safety as well as the safety of those in your circle.

The inspiration for this blog came about from my own experiences as a low-income person as well as a post I found on Tumblr a while ago by Low Budget Witches. After sharing the post, I remember thinking that I wanted to create a resource for low/no-income witches as well since my craft has been greatly influenced by my socioeconomic status and a lot of the methods I use aren’t really conventional.

However, I was continuously stopped by various roadblocks. I wasn’t confident in my writing skills and I was (and still am) struggling to go through my day-to-day life with a major depressive disorder which results in a frequently low spoon count.

But recently, I met an amazing group of tarot readers (some of which who were witches) and the techniques they shared with me to help incorporate tarot and witchcraft into self-care practices helped me immensely to unpack a lot of the things that kept me from creating MY content on MY terms.

This blog is the culmination of all of that emotional labor as well as the continuous support given to me by my lovely witch siblings as I attempt to do something I’ve never done before.

So, without further ado, please feel free to explore ☽Witch-On-A-Budget☾ to your heart’s content and I hope you decide to stick around!

Peace, love, and spoons ☽ ♡ ☾

~ Noah (aka The Witch-On-A-Budget)


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